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false bay pinotage

...false bay pinotage perfect pinotage - youthful, vibrant and fruity. abv: 13.5%.... more

false bay sauvignon blanc 'windswept'

...false bay sauvignon blanc 'windswept' not concocted from over-cropped grapes, nor pumped up on additives. this is authentic, cool, windswept, sauvignon blanc. meagre yields and small berries e.... more

false bay syrah 'old school'

...false bay syrah 'old school' not jam-soup with oak added for mocha flavour. this is fermented with wild yeast raised in large wooden foudres. an homage to the savory, wild yet elegant renditio.... more

false bay 'slow' chenin blanc

...false bay 'slow' chenin blanc wild yeast fermentation is the key to the mouthfeel and the weight of this wine. abv: 13%.... more

false bay chardonnay 'crystalline'

...false bay chardonnay 'crystalline' you wont find muddying or sickly additions here. no toasted barrels, no oak chips, no oak-flavoured powder. the noble variety in its purest form. abv: 13.5%.... more

south african mixed 6

...rful easy drinker. ... more   false bay sauvignon blanc an award winning sauvignon offering bright fruit and mineral characteristics - one of our bes.... more

sauvignon blanc

... domaine du pré semelé sancerre [image]7677[/image] false bay sauvignon blanc [image]7678[/image] some young punks 'quickie!' sauvignon blanc   .... more

the 'big one'

...andina valpolicella ripasso, italy £24.95   false bay 'slow' chenin blanc, south africa £7.50   circle of life white, south africa.... more

emirates serve false bay sauvignon blanc

...emirates serve false bay sauvignon blanc car parked, bags checked in, security done, plane boarded.... now all there is to do is sit back and enjoy a cheeky bottle of false bay (it sounds like a dream.... more

sileni cellar selection pinot noir

...ection pinot noir breezily quaffable. country, region: new zealand, hawkes bay.... more

sileni pinot gris cellar selection with great mineral character. country, region: new zealand, hawke's bay.... more

the lodge chardonnay, sileni

... that ozzes fruit flavour and aromas. country, region: new zealand, hawkes bay.... more

sileni 'the plateau' pinot noir

...ndous regional and varietal character country, region: new zealand. hawkes bay .... more

rock rose gin

...rock rose gin multi award winning premium scottish gin from dunnet bay distillery in caithness, scotland. abv: 41.5%.... more

new zealand

...t is also recognised for its world-class chardonnays. waikato & the bay of plenty south of auckland these two regions represent a small, but steadily .... more


...lly found in merlot include; currant black cherry and plum, caramel, clove bay leaf and peppercorn. lightly oaked merlots; vanilla, coconut. heavily oaked; oak .... more

domaine du val de gilly

... buzzing with the rich and famous, the bay full of super yachts, the town exploding with sports cars, restaurants and nightclubs. visiting the long st. tropez b.... more

new zealand masterclass with sileni wines, hawkes bay zealand masterclass with sileni wines, hawkes bay special guest leanne from sileni estates is going to guide you through the wonders of new zealand wines. .... more

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